Program requirementssans
TeacherPatrick Simonetta et Pierre Letouzey
Weekly hours 18 h CM
Years Master Logique Mathématique et Fondements de l'Informatique


  • Propositional calculus: truth tables, tautologies, normal forms, compactness.
  • Predicate calculus: first-order languages, terms, formulas, models; satisfaction of a formula in a model; substructures; isomorphisms; elementary equivalence.
  • Set theory: axioms of Zermelo-Frænkel; cardinals; Cantor and Cantor-Bernstein theorems; finite sets, countable sets.
  • Introduction to programming: introduction to Ocaml functional programming; connection to lambda-calculus, recursivity, ML typing; common data structures (Boolean, integers, lists, options, trees, etc.).