Program requirementsExamen
TeacherFrancois Metayer
Weekly hours 2 h CM
Years Master Logique Mathématique et Fondements de l'Informatique M2 Logos


The course presents the fundamental concepts of category theory, accompanied by numerous examples. The main goal is to pave the way towards the modern applications of category theory in logic, theoretical computer science and homotopy theory.


  • Functors and natural transformations
  • Universal constructions : limits and colimits
  • Adjunctions and monads
  • Brief introduction to higher categories


  • S. Mac Lane. Categories for the working mathematician, Second edition. Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 5. Springer-Verlag, 1998.
  • A. Prouté. Cours de logique catégorique,
  • T. Leinster. Higher operads, higher categories, London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series, 298. Cambridge University Press, 2004.