EnseignantIlaria Giulini
Horaires hebdomadaires 3 h CM
Années M2 Mathématiques et Informatique pour la Science des Données (DM) M2 Mathématiques et Informatique appliquées à la Science des données M2 Logos


Entrainement et usage des réseaux de neurones profonds


  1. Introduction to Deep Learning
  2. Forward and backward propagation and solvers
  3. Embeddings, matrix factorization, factorization machines and recommender systems
  4. Convolutional neural networks for image classification
  5. Network architectures for object detection and image segmentation
  6. Recurrent neural networks, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) units for learning based on sequences
  7. Learning for sequences to sequences, attention and memory
  8. Unsupervised deep learning and generative models


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